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Our courses contain a mixture of slide based presentations as well as labs. For our Virtual Instructor Led Training (VILT) courses we provide a digital lab guide that you can use to perform labs at home or the office to suplement our Microsoft Team meetings. Every student, VILT or ILT, will also get access to a private Slack team for the duration of the course and future to ask questions and get assistance.

Project Lifecycle
Leveraging Ekahau
Learn the ins and outs of using Ekahau in an efficient manner throughout the entire project lifecycle. How you can build a strong foundation whether you are a team of 1 or 100.
Merging & Cloud
Working in Teams
When should you use Ekahau Connect vs legacy merge? How can you use the merge tool to speed up your predictive designs and surveys? How can you leverage iOS platforms for your surveys? Working in teams requires thought and organization to be performed correctly. Learn which method works for the various different scenarios.
Surveying & Analyzing
Advanced Techniques
Undertstanding the Sidekick from the inside out is crucial to performing proper surveys. Analyzing that data properly is even more crucial. See how you can use the Ekahau Sidekick to track down interferers and analyze Wireless networks from your laptop and iOS device.
Packet Captures
Using Ekahau Capture
Did you know that the Ekahau Sidekick can be leveraged to perform packet captures? Get a quick primer on performing packet captures as well as using analysis tools, such as Wireshark, on those packets that you capture.
Throughput Analysis
Are Speedtests Important/Valid?
When surveying we also perform passive surveys, but there is another way of surveying as well: active. What data do you get when doing an active survey and is it important?
Inside Ekahau Files
Automating Your Workflows
Now that we understand the workflows and how to build a proper foundation we automate things with Python and perform advanced data analysis/modification. Attendees will receive sample Python scripts and work through various labs showcasing the power of automation with Ekahau files.

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